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Christine HarmsChristine Harms is married to David, who is unequivocally the best husband in the world. They have served with MAF as a pilot/mechanic family in Haiti since March 2010. You can read more about God's faithfulness to them at their blog:

Creatures in the Night

It was 2 a.m. In a cloudless sky, a white moon was rising over my concrete house. The city power was turned off here, but the hills to the south were lit up. And for once in Haiti, it was quiet. Except…for my six-month-old son. His familiar cries woke me and I stumbled from my […]

The Most Important Meal

Belgian waffles with strawberry compote and whipped cream …eggs, sunny-side-up with bacon and whole-wheat toast…granola…spaghetti? Breakfast has always been my favorite meal of the day by far, but here in Haiti, they have a few options I’d never considered.

I was convinced that my English students were trying to pull one over on me when […]

Praying for Rain

Natural disasters usually come on quickly—when the earthquake happened here in Haiti, there was no warning at all. When the hurricanes come, we often get at least a few hours of notice. But when a drought happens, it’s slow. Subtle. Painfully so.

Last year in Haiti, we didn’t get enough rain. There were some articles […]

High Maintenance

When my husband David puts on his old glasses, I know what that means: aircraft maintenance. In a moment, he’s transformed: off goes the pressed, white pilot shirt with captain’s bars on the shoulders, on goes the plain, blue work shirt with a few holes and the rubbery red RTV stain I can’t get out. […]

Many Are The Plans

While David was doing his Technical Evaluation for MAF, I was asked to help out at headquarters. As I was nervous for David and our possible future with MAF, I was more than happy to help with the task of transcribing some taped interviews.

Putting on the headphones, I couldn’t believe my ears. The beginnings of […]