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Since joining MAF we have learned that a missionary’s life is one of constant transition. Initially, we thought it was a transition from one career to another and from one country to another. But that was just the beginning. We transitioned from training to fundraising. Then we moved from the United States to Africa and […]

A Place to Call ‘Home’

Walking home from language school one day, I was picturing those ruby red shoes that Dorothy wore in The Wizard of Oz. She just had to click them three times and repeat, “There’s no place like home.” I was wishing for a pair of those ruby red shoes right then, to take me back […]

I Would Have a More Effective Ministry in America

Indonesia has Starbucks, too! Whenever Joy is in the capitol city, she enjoys seeing how the baristas spell her name.

When I returned to Indonesia, I felt a little discouraged. What was I doing trying to minister in a country were relationships take years to build and my communication skills would always be lacking? […]

On Driving and Thriving: A Letter to my Scooter

Dear Scooter,

We’re such good friends now that this may come as a shock, but here’s the truth.

I didn’t like you at first.

In fact, I fought long, hard and tearfully to keep you out of my life. My husband wanted you from nearly the minute we landed in Indonesia, but not me. People said I’d […]

From ‘Mr. Pilot’ to ‘Friend’

MAF pilots are required to regularly inspect the airstrips where we fly to ensure that our standards for runway maintenance are kept appropriately. Last week I went to Ilu to check over the runway. It’s a nice long runway, but it’s perpendicular to the valley, which means there is a tight little turn at about […]