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WDRC Appreciation Dinner

Last month, fellow MAF wife Lisa Lind and I invited all of our guards and their families to an appreciation dinner at my house. As we began to plan for the event, we counted up all the guards, the wives and the children, and realized there would be about 50 people coming for dinner!

I’ll have […]

When Life Hands You Weeds, Eat Them!

We’ve enjoyed trying some of the local foods here in Congo and learning how to prepare them. One of our favorites is b’teku teku (pronounced something like beh teckoo teckoo). I first tried b’teku teku when a missionary friend prepared it for us. We liked it and asked her to teach us how to cook […]

Flight to Sanity

The last in our series In Africa, this quest post was written by videographer Ron Wormser.

The young German man approached the plane holding up a blue-stained US $10 bill. “Can you change this for Congo francs?” he asked in heavily accented English. “The airport tax guys won’t accept this.”

The deteriorating paved airstrip adjacent to a […]

Congo IT Adventures

As I sit here at my desk in Bunia, D.R. Congo, I can’t help but think of the day I had yesterday and laugh.  I’ve only been in Congo a couple of weeks, and really only started working on IT projects a few days ago, but I’m finding the adventures come quickly—and in no short […]

Bacteria-free Faith

During the past several months a lot of our flights have been in response to serious health issues here in the Congo. Four of the provinces in DRC, including Kinshasa, where we live, had been suffering from a severe cholera outbreak. Even an individual who is otherwise strong and healthy can die quickly from cholera. […]