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Jocelyn FreyJocelyn Frey is the wife of Nick, an MAF-Canada pilot on loan to our West D.R. Congo program in Kinshasa. Since September, Jocelyn and Nick have been serving in the Congo. You can follow their adventures (and see Jocelyn’s beautiful photos) at their blog

Need is Insatiable

When my husband and I first decided to join MAF, I spent a good amount of time thinking and praying about what my role should be while my husband would be flying. As I talked to people I got such a variety of answers. I realize now that they were all trying to express Matthew […]

WDRC Appreciation Dinner

Last month, fellow MAF wife Lisa Lind and I invited all of our guards and their families to an appreciation dinner at my house. As we began to plan for the event, we counted up all the guards, the wives and the children, and realized there would be about 50 people coming for dinner!

I’ll have […]

Changing Congo One Traffic Jam at a Time

Drivers in Kinshasa are crazy! There just aren’t any rules and no one really listens to the police. Whenever there is a stretch of open road, people feel it’s their right to drive there. They’ll drive on the wrong side of the road, or on a sidewalk, or in a ditch… really anywhere they can […]

So Many Reasons to Leave, One Reason to Stay

September 26th 2011 we arrived in Kinshasa, bright eyed and bushy tailed. It feels like I have been here forever and yet also like I just arrived. Next week I will be heading back to Canada to have our first baby!

I am returning home because in the DR Congo, even in the capital city, there […]