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Linda WhitingLinda Whiting has served 30 years with MAF, mostly in Kalimantan, Indonesia. Her current position is donor relations coordinator in Nampa, which includes writing Prayer Connection for the MAF website. You’ll find Linda gardening, creating floral bouquets, or shooting photos in her spare time.

Speaking of Water

Rushing, tumbling, gushing water! There’s nothing quite like the cacophony of a big waterfall, ocean waves after a storm, or a gigantic mountain stream roaring over boulders.

A waterfall in Kalimantan, Indonesia. Photo by Dave Forney.

In your mind’s eye, imagine yourself standing near a majestic water scene. What does it sound like? […]

Our Lives, His Gardens

Are you growing a vegetable garden right now, or maybe a flower garden? Me too! I find gardening so satisfying. There’s something wonderful about digging in the dirt, watching plants grow, trimming them into pleasing shapes, cleaning out the weeds, and seeing the good results of a fertilized and well-watered garden. I love studying what […]