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The Ideal Ministry

When you head overseas on your first assignment, you tend to be full of grand ideals. At least, I was. I was ready to do anything and everything for the Lord––teach underprivileged children, feed the poor, develop relationships with nationals, disciple new and growing Christians.

Eight years into this overseas missionary thing, I can’t say […]

Borneo Christmas Ministry Trip

Our team in Palangkaraya recently had a unique opportunity to minister at a Christmas party in a very isolated village in the heart of Borneo. Seven men made the trip––our two MAF pilots and all five of our Indonesian staff.

Each of the men participated in the Christmas presentation by preaching, sharing testimonies, praying […]

Focusing in on Christmas

What makes Christmas…Christmas? Since my first overseas Christmas eight years ago, I’ve wrestled with that question. In the past eight years, we’ve had eight very different but equally wonderful Christmases. There was the year we were in language school in Costa Rica and loved ones came to celebrate with us on the beach. There were […]

English Club Goes South Of The Border

I find myself chuckling as I attempt to describe corndogs to the group of children in front of me. As I describe the concept of a hotdog wrapped in corn bread and fried they turn up their noses in disgust. Today, we are studying the English words for some of my favorite foods– hamburgers, spaghetti, […]

Missionary Badge of Honor

I wear a special badge most days – it’s the Missionary Badge of Honor.  I like my life as a missionary in Southeast Asia.  I relish in the fact that I live in such a crazy and foreign place that looks like something out of National Geographic. I think it’s pretty miraculous that I can […]

Practicing Hospitality

I am not a natural hostess. Back when I took my first Spiritual Gifts quiz, my “hospitality” score was nil. It just never seemed like something I’d ever enjoy or be particularly gifted in. When I saw so many other women’s beautiful hospitality skills, I’ll admit to being a little bit jealous–I wanted to be […]