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Better Than Bitter

A friend recently wrote to us commenting about the high level of corruption here and the things that have happened to our family and friends. She keeps up with our blog and knows about the challenges we deal with on a daily basis. She wanted to know if I ever find myself becoming bitter […]

What Are Your Ministry Tools?

Typically, the husband’s role in the ministry of MAF is obvious, but the wife’s role is more vague. My husband uses tools and airplane parts every day in his ministry with MAF. My ministry tools include things like spatulas and potato peelers. People often ask me what my ministry is here or […]

Stinky Pie

While the ingredients that make up the standard Thanksgiving meal are often hard to find at MAF’s overseas programs, sometimes it’s the lack of electricity that puts a kink in menu planning. Here’s how Nancy Burton, Kinshasa (WDRC) remedied that situation last year.

Since we were still without electricity, I decided to try a recipe […]

Move that Muscle

Before I came to Congo, I only talked about stretching in relation to our budget. Lately though, I feel a lot like the stretchy band I exercise with, like I am being pulled vigorously. Adding a new movement to an exercise routine causes discomfort at first, and my muscles protest at being used in a […]

When Life Hands You Weeds, Eat Them!

We’ve enjoyed trying some of the local foods here in Congo and learning how to prepare them. One of our favorites is b’teku teku (pronounced something like beh teckoo teckoo). I first tried b’teku teku when a missionary friend prepared it for us. We liked it and asked her to teach us how to cook […]

Ten Things I Never Thought I Would Do

Ten years ago, the only missions experience I had was spending a week in a shelter for the homeless during my senior year of college. I had never left the United States, unless you count a couple of hours at Niagara Falls during my high school senior trip. I had no idea then, that I […]