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Need is Insatiable

When my husband and I first decided to join MAF, I spent a good amount of time thinking and praying about what my role should be while my husband would be flying. As I talked to people I got such a variety of answers. I realize now that they were all trying to express Matthew […]

Keeping Faith Fresh

For the past few months our family has had the privilege of discipling some new believers from our football club. It has been life changing to observe the stories and truths of the Holy Bible heard and understood for the very first time. I believe many believers who’ve grown up in the church, like myself, […]

Bearing Fruit

When I was getting ready to move to Indonesia, I was willing to give up pizza, my mom’s dirt cake and one-stop trips to Wal-Mart. But I had one hope in return—a fruit tree.

Any type of fruit would do—bananas, pineapple, coconut, or something else I didn’t yet know existed.

Thankfully, I ate pizza the first week […]