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When You Just Want to Hide

We had only been living on this little Indonesian island for a couple of weeks, but I noticed it right away. The prolonged stares, every pair of eyes on me in the parking lot as I tried to back out of a difficult spot, people pointing me out to their friends and yelling “Hello Mister,” […]

A Moment of Peace

View of Port-au-Prince from the Schandorff’s balcony

Dogs howl from behind tall walls as children traipse down the street. Motorcycle taxis roar their way to the school gate, where they screech to a stop. The children call to one another as they walk, skip and run down the dirt and gravel road, and cars […]

Ministry in the Mundane

More often than not, on any day of the week, you will probably find me in the kitchen. I am sure to have frizzy hair and a red, sweaty face. Most likely my dark pants will have a floury handprint or two on them. I may be making a batch of flour tortillas or whipping […]