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Pressing On Through the Hard Things

“Mom, I just can’t do it!” my son Luke cried out in frustration as he handed me his notebook, Indonesian Bible verses scrawled across the page. His assignment to memorize these verses had overwhelmed him to the point of tears.

I felt his pain. Flashbacks to language school—having to memorize words that made no sense, and […]

A Change Of Heart In Africa : Part 4 of 4


Continued from a previous post….

That same night, Emily and I went with Mr. Harrell to watch him coach some young boys in soccer—a ministry he and his wife Megan had started themselves.

Coach Rich Harrell with the team.

We watched these boys play on a dirt field, with holes and glass everywhere. And yet, […]

The Urgency of Ministry

Tonight, while driving the daughter of another MAF family home, we came across a horrific traffic accident. It was dark outside and there was a chaotic pile of cars on the road. We were shocked to see the broken bodies of Basotho men lying on the road. We were astonished by the lack of medical […]

IT as a Ministry?

As an information technology (IT) specialist with MAF, I’m part of one of the organization’s most cryptic ministries. Many people easily understand the role MAF airplanes play on the mission field––bringing workers and supplies across jungles, rivers, mountains, and deserts while saving days of ground travel time––yet few people seem aware of our IT work. […]

“What Is Your Ministry?”

This is a question I’m often asked by well-meaning short-term visitors. I could give the cursory answer: I’m a wife and mom, a hostess to many, financial assistant to MAF-Haiti, a graphics designer, youth leader, worship leader… the list could go on. But, I truly don’t see these as the definition of my ministry here […]

Having a Baby Changes Everything

I love that soap commercial that says “having a baby changes everything.” Any mama knows it’s true. I quickly found that my baby would not only change my life and the focus of my ministry, but that my little 7-pound screaming bundle would change the receptiveness of those to whom I was hoping to minister. […]