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Little Drummer Curtains

“Do you have any costumes that we might be able to use for the shepherds?” Isabelle, the head Sunday school teacher, asked me. We had just finished rehearsal on Tuesday evening, five days before my first Christmas as an adult in Africa. We had only arrived about a month before and I was in the […]

Missing It

I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook, really all social media. I love that I don’t seem so far away when I can see what is happening with my friends and family. I get to see new babies and weddings, watch my nieces and nephews grow up, and laugh at daily happenings through status updates. […]

Why I Need House Help

I was talking to someone about how I need house help. She replied by saying, “Well, ‘need’ house help?” I have to admit that while I did clamp my mouth shut, nod as if to admit my pitiful inability to manage a home, and walk away, inside I was screaming. NEED? NEED? You have house […]

The Mundane

I started to panic when my deadline for this blog came up and I didn’t feel like anything “blog-worthy” had happened. I hadn’t discovered some great truth that I could neatly tie up in a bow—as if I had learned some deep lesson. I was so distressed that I even contemplated, for a brief moment, […]

What My Children Don’t Know

“Green means go. Yellow means slow down. Red means stop. Green means go…” The chanting from the back seat reminds me that my children don’t know what stop lights are. We are back in the US for the first time in two years, and my kids (5, 3, and 2) remember almost […]

Having a Baby Changes Everything

I love that soap commercial that says “having a baby changes everything.” Any mama knows it’s true. I quickly found that my baby would not only change my life and the focus of my ministry, but that my little 7-pound screaming bundle would change the receptiveness of those to whom I was hoping to minister. […]