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Starving for Fuel, Saving a Life

“The weather is still quite good here and I’d like to pick up the patient,” I relay my intensions to home base, nearly 60 miles away in much poorer weather. “Send fuel when the weather clears,” I add, not being thrilled at the thought of spending the night away from home, but willing if it […]

Witnessing a Happy Ending

When MAF pilots make medical evacuation flights they don’t always get to see the happy endings. But when they do, it’s a satisfying flight.

MAF pilot Justin Honaker was closing the rear cargo door before embarking on his first flight of the day to the village of Methaleneng in Lesotho, Africa, when a vaguely familiar face […]

Fighting the Good Fight

Yesterday was December 7th, Pearl Harbor Day. Having served in the military and stationed in Hawaii, it is hard for me not to remember December 7, 1941. More than 300 airplanes were used in the attack that catapulted the United States into war that day.

On December 1st, World AIDS day Lesotho, we were reminded that […]