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Hope in the Darkness

Sometimes as a missionary here in Papua, it’s easy to lose hope. Just outside of our gate lies a world filled with shrouded faces and absent eyes, poverty and ignorance. And in the deeper villages, a world filled with immorality, an ensuing AIDS epidemic and war. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming, like we’re fighting a […]

Now This is a Field Trip

The landing siren went on as the KODIAK I was in flared across the bottom end of the runway, and then touched down on the rough, grass airstrip of Silimo, Papua. We were the last of 66 students and 10 adults from Hillcrest International School in Papua, Indonesia who were arriving for Outdoor Education (OE).

OE […]

Fighting the Good Fight

Yesterday was December 7th, Pearl Harbor Day. Having served in the military and stationed in Hawaii, it is hard for me not to remember December 7, 1941. More than 300 airplanes were used in the attack that catapulted the United States into war that day.

On December 1st, World AIDS day Lesotho, we were reminded that […]