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Flight Training Adventures – Part 1

Last month MAF pilot Sean Cannon (Palangkaraya base – Kalimantan, Indonesia) was busy training pilot Isaac Rogers who had just transferred from Tarakan. This is the first of two posts about Sean and Isaac’s adventures in training.

After Isaac completed his first solo flight, we still needed to work at some of our more challenging places […]

Healthy Community

We all stand in front of the hangar, eyes scanning the horizon, the familiar drone of the Cessna engine signaling that he will land very soon. The sense of anticipation is palpable. I leave my desk and others on the team lay down their tools to witness the landing. We don’t do this because we’re nervous […]

A Calf Without A Rope

Editor’s Note: The following story comes from Herb Morgan, the first Canadian pilot to serve with MAF-U.S., first flying in British Guiana (now Guyana) in 1964. He eventually became the executive director of MAF Canada.

I once received a call that a mission station located deep in the interior of British Guiana wanted us to […]

Raising a Flock of Cessnas?

Editor’s Note: John Miller is a missionary with MAF and today’s post is from one of his letters from the early 1990s when he was serving in Indonesia.

About five years ago the national missionary Gerinok Elabi trekked in to Luban with his family. Just like any foreign missionary, they had to learn the language, battle […]

Remembering a Faithful Bird

Editor’s Note: Pilots love their planes, sometimes so much so that they become like another member of the family. Twenty years ago, former MAF pilot Dan Lenz recalled one of MAF’s then-ageing airplanes, PK-MPQ based in Indonesia, and his relationship with this once-proud legend in the sky.

By Dan Lenz

“Well, you’ve been dynamite today!” I complimented […]

Not Just Another Plane Dedication

With a pilot for a father, I grew up around airplanes. However, they never really grabbed my attention. I never stared at them with much awe as they rose from the ground and disappeared into the deep blue sky. It was a way to get around, to move from point A to point B. I […]