Keeping Faith Fresh

For the past few months our family has had the privilege of discipling some new believers from our football club. It has been life changing to observe the stories and truths of the Holy Bible heard and understood for the very first time. I believe many believers who’ve grown up in the church, like myself, have become desensitized to the wonder that is the “Greatest Story Ever Told.” This callousness causes us to become complacent in our Christian walks, which trickles down into all the intricate recesses of our lives.

Kabai with Alex Harrell.

Kabai with Alex Harrell.

Last night, I was reminded how important it is to maintain the wonder of Christ and what he’s done for us. One of our football boys, Kabai, came to the adult Bible study we host in our home. The leader was discussing the story of Peter and his betrayal of Christ. He asked the study group how many of them would have responded to the Romans just as Peter did? A few of the adults said they could not have been brave in light of such insurmountable pressure. After they shared this, our young friend, who has only recently begun a personal relationship with Jesus, spoke up. He said, “I would have said, ‘Yes, I am a follower of Christ.’ I would have gone to the cross with him.”

His words were so simple, but so authentic. I could not help but see the glory of Christ’s sacrifice in a new and different way as I witnessed the passion it had evoked in this young man. Isn’t this all Jesus is asking of any of us as believers? He just requires a simplistic, non-complicated faith, which requires laying down our own lives and our own plans, daily.

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