Charlie Brown to the Rescue!

Kalimantan-MAF-Cessna-Floatplane-PK-MCB-JulyIt was a gray day, with too many clouds blocking the route to the village of Jujang. Floatplane pilot Isaac Rogers had just received a radio communication about a medical evacuation needed there. At the controls of PK-MCB—“Charlie Brown”—Isaac decided to try and make his way to the village. Praying as he went, he began to find one hole after another forming in the clouds, like bread crumbs leading to the river.

At the dock, Pendeta (Pastor) Wilson and his wife, Mama Luli, waited anxiously. The dark day mirrored their pain. Mama Luli was miscarrying and bleeding profusely. She needed to get to the hospital in Puruk Cahu. A trip by car would have meant a grueling nine hours on a very rough road.

But God provided a way. Isaac was able to land PK-MCB. He transported Mama Luli to the hospital in less than an hour so she could receive the care she needed. Isaac didn’t know when he would see her next or what the outcome would be. All he could do was pray.

A little over a week later, Isaac was in church with his family in the city of Palangkaraya. He was surprised to see Mama Luli come forward to give a testimony. She praised God in the midst of her painful circumstance and told how He had opened up the clouds so the airplane could land. And Isaac saw that day, and how God had worked, from a whole new perspective.

Please remember this couple in your prayers as they strive to reach the people of Jujang with the love of Christ. And continue to lift up Charlie Brown’s pilots who daily maneuver through weather, changing water levels, boat traffic, logs and other obstacles to serve the people of Central Kalimantan.

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