The Little Plane That Could

MAF Adopt-a-Plane N206CE call letters changed C9-AAL

Along with a new paint scheme, your MAF Adopt-a-Plane, N206CE, has new call letters. From here on out your adopted plane will be known as C9-AAL, as it now bears a Mozambican registration. A fresh look and a new name means continued open doors for MAF to reach isolated people throughout Mozambique.

The little Cessna 206, C9-AAL, makes a big difference when it comes to speeding the work of those who are fighting poverty in Mozambique. Recently your plane brought two staff members from CARE to the city of Angoche. CARE works in 87 countries, including Mozambique since 1986, to support over 900 poverty-fighting development and emergency projects. Their community-based projects are particularly geared toward helping women and children.

The CARE team was scouting out the location for a future visit, where they will bring celebrity chefs and U.S. policymakers to see how development programs are benefitting the people of Mozambique.

The flight in C9-AAL was a mere 35 minutes, but it saved the CARE staff almost a full days-worth of travel, which was time better spent visiting their projects. “Securing the flight was clutch,” said Robert Roche, CARE USA’s Deputy Director for Learning Tours, Policy and Advocacy. “Otherwise, we would have had to drive seven to eight hours to Angoche.”

And it would have been seven uncomfortable hours over a rough, dirt road—if the road was even passable. Not long ago it was completely washed out.

“Bringing the congressional delegation to Mozambique will allow them to learn more about food and nutrition security in Mozambique and improve policy and funding for the issue,” said Roche.

CARE’s visit to Angoche and the upcoming trip they’re planning will lead to more exposure and greater advocacy for their work in this country. It also means life will be a little better for the people of Mozambique. And if you choose to support C9-AAL, you will play a part in this work.

Please pray for CARE’s work in the country, and for those who are being helped because of this organization. And please lift up C9-AAL’s pilots and passengers and ask the Lord for His protection over them.

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