Hellos and Goodbyes

EDRC-Africa-MAF-Cessna-Caravan-9Q-CAU-July9Q-CAU has seen many people come and go lately in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Now that she operates out of Nyankunde, she’s visited some newly reopened airstrips, including Tchabi.

Last week she took a doctor couple, Willem and Joahnna Fulmer, who serve at the Nyankunde hospital, on an exploratory trip to Tchabi. Two other Congolese doctors and a church leader from Bunia accompanied them. If the couple does make the move to this village, it will boost the capabilities of the small hospital located there. The group was excited to consider how they might serve such a remote place where the need is so great.

On another flight, the Cessna Caravan took another missionary couple, the Holmers, a doctor and mid-wife team, out of Nebobongo where they have served for years. They were returning to Germany. Their departure was a mixture of joy for the wonderful work they accomplished and sadness because of how much they’ll be missed.

The hellos and goodbyes can be pretty emotional, but CAU doesn’t mind. She knows the Congolese people will have better access to healthcare as a result of the talent and skillsets these missionary doctors bring to the DRC’s isolated clinics and hospitals.

She also knows there are many supporters behind her who care just as much about helping the Congolese people, and sharing the love of Christ, as she does.  Would you consider adopting CAU, and consider partnering with MAF to make flights like these possible?

Please continue to pray for the missionaries and Congolese doctors and pastors who are bringing physical and spiritual healing to the DRC. And please remember the pilots of CAU in your prayers as well.

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