Bus Crash in Lesotho

In December, a bus crashed while negotiating Lesotho’s treacherous mountain roads. 7P-CMH and two other MAF Cessna 206s answered the call to come to the remote community of Qacha’s Nek and transport the most critical patients to a better equipped facility.

Seven people were medevaced that day, most of whom suffered broken bones—five of the seven needed stretchers. 7P-CMH carried an 81-year-old woman with a broken femur; she was considered to be one of the more stable patients.

This was one of the more difficult flights that 7P-CMH has done; it’s hard to see someone in so much pain. Yet the little Cessna was glad to be able to help these people who live an impossible distance from the hospital … especially in the condition they were in.

A couple times a week, 7P-CMH flies to these remote villages to bring medical care to the people there. Sometimes she’s bringing a doctor or nurse to one of the small clinics; other times, she’s bringing people out who need more advanced treatment.

Either way, 7P-CMH couldn’t do it without you. She’s so glad you’ve adopted her. Thank you for making healing possible for those who were affected by this crash! Please keep them in your prayers as they recover from their injuries. Also, remember to pray for the pilots as they encounter difficult flights like these.


MAF airplanes, including 7P-CMH, responded to a Code-One call to medevac several teens who were struck by a car.

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