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Life-Changing Flights

Just the other day, 7P-CMH completed a flight that made her very happy. Over the past six months she has done several flights for a mother and her precious child. 7P-CMH hoped that this particular flight would be the last one.

Limpho (pronounced Dim po) is a baby girl who was born with a severe cleft […]

Mrs. Moloi

MAF’s Cessna 206, 7P-CMH, was readied and took off quickly to the remote mountain village of Matsile in Lesotho to respond to a medical emergency call. As the plane landed on the dirt airstrip, the patient appeared—being carried on a makeshift stretcher, nothing more than a thin foam mattress stretched over tree limbs with the […]

Bus Crash in Lesotho

In December, a bus crashed while negotiating Lesotho’s treacherous mountain roads. 7P-CMH and two other MAF Cessna 206s answered the call to come to the remote community of Qacha’s Nek and transport the most critical patients to a better equipped facility.

Seven people were medevaced that day, most of whom suffered broken bones—five of the seven […]