A Great Trade

missionary pilot with MAF transports pastors to share the gospel

How God used a broken part to fix a broken soul

Since we’ve been talking about airplane maintenance lately, we thought we’d share a story about one of those inconvenient moments when an airplane wouldn’t start. Even though our pilots and mechanics take excellent care of MAF aircraft, there’s still the chance that the unexpected will happen.

missionary pilot with MAF transports pastors to share the gospel

MAF pilot Joe Adams transports a team of local pastors to Matsaile. Photo by Joe Adams.

MAF pilot Joe Adams had just delivered a Lesotho Flying Pastor team to the remote mountain village of Matsaile. He was scheduled to stop at the village of Lebakeng next, to pick up a pastor there named Kali (pronounced Kahdee).

“I went to start the airplane and found it wouldn’t start,” said Joe.

He radioed the base for someone to bring out another starter. Joe’s teammate, Bryan Eygabroad, flew out to help him and together they replaced the part.

“But it didn’t solve the problem,” said Joe. “In the end, we had a long day and did not fix the airplane.”

MAF Lesotho charity pilots fix airplane

Bryan Eygabroad (left) and Joe Adams attempt to fix the starter at Matsaile. Photo by Joe Adams.

Joe had to crank the propeller by hand until the engine came to life. Then he flew the plane straight back to the MAF base at Maseru, without stopping to get pastor Kali.

“We would have had to start it again by hand. And it’s much harder to do that with a hot engine,” explained Joe.

It was too late in the day to squeeze in another flight to get pastor Kali, which meant he would be spending the night in Lebakeng.

“Sometimes you don’t know why these things happen, but later I got the rest of the story,” said Joe.

That night, pastor Kali and his outreach team ended up having dinner with a young man, Tumelo, who is a pharmacist at the clinic there. As they talked, the pastors were able to share the gospel message with Tumelo, and he chose to follow Jesus!

“A delay and a broken part for a soul into the Kingdom,” said Joe. “What a great trade!”

Today Tumelo is leading a group of new believers in his village. It’s the start of a church in Lebakeng.

Tumelo (center front with plaid shirt) with other new believers in Lebakeng. Photo by Pastor Kali.

“We never know how God is working even in difficult things, so we should always exercise trust and patience regardless of circumstances,” added Joe. “God controls them all.”



And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God,
to those who are the called according to His purpose.”  – Romans 8:28


  • Ed Voth says:

    This is a great inspiring story about what God is doing, even when it seems we have a problem. I like what the Bible says; “But God”. And that is how it is. God is always up to something; even today when I have been told to stay in my house and to social distance from the people in my life who I long to be close to. “But God”, is doing something and it is my desire to be obedient to Him in all that he calls me to be and to do. Praise God.

  • Andrew Cooper says:

    This is a powerful reminder that we, “of little faith” should not forget that God is indeed in control of all our situations & for His great Glory.

  • Kathleen. Miller says:

    Wonderful story of God’s grace and timing. He knew this man needed Jesus. Praying God will continue to use this ministry for His glory.

  • Lee Risner says:

    May The Lord continue to bless MAF and everyone involved in this amazing ministry.

  • Thank you for sharing! How precious are the Lord’s ways in saving these who need Him, even in seemingly impossible and “hindered” circumstances😊.

  • Robert M. Yost says:

    WOW! Our God is an awesome God! God’s plans aren’t always ours. We just need to be obedient to the Lord y He will work through us.
    My Wife and I R serving with Teen Missions Int’l

  • Sharon Veal says:

    How beautiful to see the love God has for mankind as he died once for us to pay for our sins, past, present and future. Now it is like God has one big puzzle he is weaving together. We are God’s witnesses and servants. It is beautiful to see how God has used MAF, it’s pilots, mechanics, home base, prayers, financial support to take the gospel to those remote places in our world. I am thankful to you, MAF. The Lord bless you all John 9:4

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