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After working diligently for 10 years to build an airstrip, the people of Tibul in Papua, Indonesia, welcomed the first MAF airplane to land at their village. The new airstrip means that Tibul and 15 to 20 surrounding villages will now have access to education, medical care, and discipleship.

Until now the nearest airstrip was three miles away, which meant a rough eight-hour hike—a daunting barrier separating them from the outside world.

Tibul Airstrip

On approach to Tibul airstrip. Photo by Daniel Perez.

“One important aspect will be the medical emergency flights we will be able to do whenever they call us,” said Kees Janse, one of the MAF pilots who made the first flight into Tibul. “A lot of these flights are pregnancy related. When a delivery is taking too long or is not going smooth, we pick the woman up and take her quickly to the hospital.”

Besides providing lifesaving flights, MAF’s service will support a new primary school, which the villagers are planning to build. MAF will be able to fly in building supplies, as well as books, desks, and teachers.

PK-MEA in Tibul

At the top of the runway. Photo by Daniel Perez.

Janse hopes that having a school here will attract an evangelist or pastor to Tibul. He says that typically evangelists have to travel back and forth to a place while their families remain at home so their children can attend school.

“Now it will be a whole lot easier for an evangelist with a family to settle here and there will be more continuity, hopefully, with bringing the Gospel in here,” Janse said.

The area was initially reached by missionaries in the 1980s but has lacked consistent Christian leadership since then.


MAF pilot Kees Jans delivers the first cargo via PK-MEA, an HF radio so the people can communicate with MAF. Photo by Daniel Perez.

“I think the biggest need for this area [is] discipleship, the growing and knowing the Word and applying it in their lives,” explained Janse. “There is some basic knowledge but very little application in their daily lives. So there’s a lot of witchcraft still going on and a lot of fear for the spirits.”

Doors are opening for Tibul and the surrounding area thanks to the hard work of the villagers, the service of MAF, and your support. Physical and spiritual transformation happens when barriers are broken down. A grass airstrip has the potential to impact the people of this area for generations to come.


PK-MEA with children of Tibul

The children of Tibul are excited to get their hands on the KODIAK PK-MEA.

You can help support the ministry that MAF makes possible to remote villages throughout Papua by adopting the MAF KODIAK PK-MEA. Learn more about the airplane and how you can make an impact on the lives of isolated people in Papua.


  • Léonard MAMILAZA says:

    Hello, it touches my heart. It’s true that there is many people no hope like here in Papua. I’ m very interresting of your holy work. As you know, I’m a pastor of the seventh day adventist. I have two dauthers.
    Thanks a lot.

  • Theodore O. Tyson says:

    Hello,it is really a touching story but GOD is also using MAF in reaching needy people in unreachable remote areas.l am a science and mathematics teacher and very interested in the works of MAF.How can l help by participating in MAF’s work anywhere my services are required?Thank you and GOD bless!

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