Top 10 Things To Do At Urbana 12

urbana12With a full schedule already in place, students won’t be lacking for something to do at Urbana 12. If you’re one of the many students attending this conference, you’ll want to be sure and squeeze in
these top ten must-not-miss activities.

1. Take communion together at midnight on New Year’s Eve––something you’ll never forget
2. Visit the display booths … get cool, free stuff
3. Worship before sessions
4. Evening prayer time with the “roomies”––otherwise known as “Roommate Huddles”
5. Discover new ministries that you’ve never heard of
6. Find some time to be alone with God
7. Stop by the bookstore and check out the daily specials
8. Talk to mission reps about what’s on your mind––your fears and concerns
9. Meet new people and make new friends, even while you’re waiting in long lines for dinner!
10. Arrange to meet a rep over dinner, especially if you have an interest in a particular mission––and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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