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July 29 – August 4, 2019

The Lord brings death and makes alive;
he brings down to the grave and raises up.
-1 Samuel 2: 6 (NIV)

Monday, July 29
Thank You that life and death are in Your hands. We trust You with our very breath and are glad that Your purposes cannot be thwarted.

Tuesday, July 30
Pray for MAF staff going through orientation and […]

July 22 – July 28, 2019

The fear of the Lord leads to life;
then one rests content, untouched by trouble.
-Proverbs 19:23 (NIV)

Monday, July 22
Yahweh, we are in awe of You and surrender our lives completely to You. Thank You for Your abundant life, your continual protection, and a sense of satisfied well-being.

Tuesday, July 23
Pray for the Lesotho Flying Pastor program as […]

July 8 – July 14, 2019

“Be still, and know that I am God.”
-Psalm 46:10a (ESV)

Monday, July 8
In the hurry of our lives, help us, dear Heavenly Father, to slow down and enjoy You. We ponder Your majesty and awesomeness. Thank You for feeding our inner lives with refreshment.

Tuesday, July 9
Pray for continuous wisdom and discernment for Souleymane Kouyate in his […]

July 1 – July 7, 2019

For the grace of God has been revealed,
bringing salvation to all people.
-Titus 2:11 (NLT)

Monday, July 1
We are so grateful, Lord God, for revealing Yourself to us in the Bible and for Your salvation through Jesus Christ, our Redeemer. We are exceedingly glad that this grace is available to every single person.

Tuesday, July 2
Pray for continued […]

June 24- June 30, 2019

Sing to God! Sing praises to His name. Exalt Him who rides on the clouds—His name is Yahweh—and rejoice before Him.
-Psalm 68:4 (HCSB)

Monday, June 24
We sing praises to You, Yahweh, and live in dependence—as the birds of the air do—on Your tender mercies, provision, and abundant life.

Tuesday, June 25
Two MAF Kodiak airplanes are being […]