Break a Leg to Share the Gospel

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Mark Spann (left) hands out Bibles to airport control tower staff. Story photos by Kevin Spann.

When MAF pilot/mechanic Kevin Spann’s parents visited Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, they had a special mission: to deliver Bibles to all the staff at the airport control tower at Kinshasa’s Ndjili Airport. A fundraiser at their local church, Highland View Church of Christ, had raised $1,200 for this purpose. Praise God!

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Pilot Kevin Spann visits with airport staff at Kinshasa Ndjili Airport.

Upon arrival, Kevin’s dad, Mark, went out with local staff members to purchase the Bibles. To each Bible they added a stamp with the MAF logo, and a sticker with John 3:16 explaining the Bibles were purchased with funds from Highland View Church.

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The evening they were ready to deliver the first round of 25 Bibles, excitement was in the air. There also seemed to be another force in the air when an accident took place. Mark was walking and carrying Bibles when he fell into a deep trench for water drainage. He was badly hurt, especially on his ribs, knees and legs. They contemplated calling it a night and returning home or to the hospital.

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That’s when Mark said, “No, I’m not letting a little thing like this stop us from delivering these Bibles.” And on they went to the control tower where they had to walk up several flights of stairs to deliver the precious cargo. Sore and in pain, Mark had a huge smile on his face as he helped hand out Bibles to the controllers and associated staff. They were extremely grateful and repeatedly thanked Mark, Kevin, Highland View Church, and MAF.

The next few days Mark took it easy and decided it was best to not help out in the hanger as he healed from his battle wounds. Weeks later and back in the U.S., Mark had a scan done because the pain persisted. Turns out he had fractured a part of his leg during the fall. The doctor recommended he limit his walking to essential walking only. Sharing the Gospel … essential indeed!

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