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Jason ChatrawAlong with writing for MAF, Jason Chatraw has written and co-authored more than a dozen books and regularly contributes to newspapers and magazines across the U.S. Jason blogs regularly at

Airplane in a Box

Hugh Beck pokes and prods the Cessna 182 like he’s a physician giving his patient a physical. No joint overlooked, no piece misplaced. Meticulousness is required when you’re about to put a plane in a box and ship it 8,000 miles to be reassembled in the jungle.

After serving as a maintenance specialist for 36 years […]

Taking Shape: Surviving God’s Anvil

In today’s society, standing and class are directly related to how much money you make, power and influence, and job title. Other factors in determining your social status include the car you drive or maybe what neighborhood you live in. There’s this “ladder of success” everyone is climbing, which is measured by how many of […]

Walking with God

Theresa L. Rowe is a personal trainer, fitness instructor, radio and television talk show host and author of Shaped by Faith: 10 Secrets to Strengthening Your Body and Soul (Guideposts, 2009). You can learn more about her unique ministry at The following is an excerpt she is sharing with MAF for the Shaped by […]

Week 3: Walking in the Light

Read: Psalm 139

Have you ever tried to give yourself a massage? If you haven’t, try it sometime. It will likely be the most frustrating and unsatisfying massage you’ve ever had in your life – if you can even call it that. No matter how much you want to rub away those tense pressure points built […]

Swallowing The Truth

Scott Davis is a Christian comedian and author of the new book, “If My Body Is a Temple, Then I Was a Megachurch: My journey of losing 132 pounds with no exercise” (Ampelon, 2011). He shared some thoughts from his book on what it means to trust God to help us make the necessary changes […]

Week 2: Exercising Our Faith Muscles

Read: 1 Timothy 4:7-12

When I ask people what they need more of in their lives when it comes to their Christian journey, most people will invariably mention “faith.” And why not? Faith is the catalyst for helping us believe what we say we believe. A growing faith spurs us on to further trust God with […]