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Jason ChatrawAlong with writing for MAF, Jason Chatraw has written and co-authored more than a dozen books and regularly contributes to newspapers and magazines across the U.S. Jason blogs regularly at

From Remote to Reached

Sometimes when writing about how MAF reaches remote areas, the word “remote” becomes the obligatory adjective of choice. MAF goes to remote places; that’s where our pilots fly. Yet, it’s one thing to write the word “remote”—it’s another to stand there in a remote location and grasp the reality of what that means.

The […]

Willing and Able

Our second day in Haiti took us to Jacmel, the coastal town that was hit hard by the earthquake but largely ignored when it came to relief efforts. And once again, we found some exciting stories about people doing extraordinary things in challenging circumstances.

Tommy Schwindling runs Children's Hope orphanage in Jacmel.

One of my […]

Change Wells Up in Haiti

On our first day visiting missionaries working in the interior of Haiti, one thing was readily apparent to me: the most effective mission work today is being done by missionaries who have changed the way they have always done things. Instead of creating a crutch for impoverished nationals, they empower nationals to create solutions for […]

The Injustice of Haiti

The evening before our trip to Haiti began, I went out to dinner with my long-time friend, John. Through the years, John has worked in missions–both short-term and longer-term. And he’s been coming to Haiti off and on for nearly 20 years.

“You’ve never seen anything like it,” he told me.

Now less than 24 hours later, […]

Nothing Like Mama’s Cookin’

Last year, one of the most popular blog posts we shared dealt with unique aviation tips from our missionary pilots. The list included ideas about the best way to handle some of the unique cargo MAF transports, like ducks, snakes and pigs. There was even a blog post last year about crocodiles in the cockpit.

While […]

Flour and Water Equals Honor and Respect

When Steve Persenaire landed his Cessna 185 float plane on a river near Jujang Parit, he had a most unusual greeting.

Carrying a team from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Persenaire found himself in a sudden and surprising greeting. Villagers sprinkled water on the heads of Persenaire and the WWF party, followed by pouring flour on […]