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Ellie ScheerMatt, Ellie, and their three children Blake, Callie, and Eva are preparing to serve in Kalimantan, Indonesia. Matt is a pilot/mechanic and Ellie is a registered nurse, specializing in labor/delivery and women's health. To learn more about their journey, please visit

Remembering the Reason

A couple of weeks ago our Indonesian helper told us that she woke up to weeping in her neighborhood. She soon learned that a young Muslim woman, one of her neighbors, had suddenly passed away from complications after a cesarean section. Without even the smallest warning she left behind her brand new baby girl, along […]


It’s always inspiring to observe believers from another culture and how they live and view their life in relation to their Creator.

Since moving to Indonesia three months ago there has been one thing that has stood out among the native believers here…..they have a deep-rooted faith in God as a Healer. A man with a […]

He Knows What We Need

A couple of months ago we were in the midst of getting our house ready to sell, packing up our belongings, and preparing for our departure for Indonesia. To say that Matt and I were feeling overwhelmed would have been a major understatement. Our mile long “to do” list never seemed to get smaller and […]