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Four Things I Learned from an MAF Mechanic

In talking with one of our aviation maintenance instructors here at MAF headquarters, I discovered that some tips could be applied to life as well. Here are four things I’ve learned about life via plane maintenance.

#1 The Tootsie Roll Theory. Talk to the guys in the maintenance or safety divisions here at MAF headquarters […]

How To Convince Yourself It’s Safe To Fly

Talking myself down … or up, rather.

I’ll admit it—I get a little nervous flying.

I’m not scared of flying per se, but every time a plane I’m on starts to make its descent, I start going over everything I know about physics (which is not much)—thinking about how fast we are going, how high we […]

High Maintenance

When my husband David puts on his old glasses, I know what that means: aircraft maintenance. In a moment, he’s transformed: off goes the pressed, white pilot shirt with captain’s bars on the shoulders, on goes the plain, blue work shirt with a few holes and the rubbery red RTV stain I can’t get out. […]