Come Fly With Us

Experience one of the most remote villages MAF serves in Kalimantan, Indonesia


There’s an extra seat on a flight to the village of Long Sule (SOO-lay). Care to join us?

You’re strapped into the middle seat on the left side, directly behind pilot Tyler Schmidt. A few minutes after takeoff from the island of Tarakan, you leave […]

Faith and Provision

What God has done in the lives of MAF international staff who’ve just completed a year of rigorous study in the U.S.


“Airplanes are unique machines. And they’re not just unique because they can fly, but have you ever noticed how there’s always a story that surrounds airplanes?”

David Holsten, MAF’s president and CEO, spoke these words […]

Isolation Remains

An MAF writer visits remote villages by airplane and boat, and gains a renewed appreciation for the ministry.

Long Pujungan River in the heart of Borneo. Photo by Natalie Holsten.


By Natalie Holsten

This summer I had the opportunity to return to Kalimantan, Indonesia, where my husband David and I, along with our four kids, spent […]

Out of the Ashes

MAF comes alongside those who have experienced unthinkable tragedy in the DRC

By Jeanelle Reider


You wouldn’t know it by Mama Celestine’s face.

As she enters her immaculate 7×10 foot mud hut, an infant strapped to her back, her serene smile warms up the room.

You wouldn’t know it from Papa Mambo either. He follows his wife into their […]

Special Delivery

MAF delivers letter of encouragement to new believers


By Natalie Holsten


“You Dem there who have put your faith in Yagwe*, trust him. Yagwe has not forgotten you. He loves you so much. You also are now my family and I want to be there with you but right now I can’t.”

These heartfelt words, written from a […]