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Gasoline and Culture Shock

This is the first of several blog posts regarding the part that culture plays in the missionary experience.

I thought I knew cultures. Born in Scotland, raised in Rhodesia (now called Zimbabwe), lived and worked in South Africa, travelled extensively … I had seen and experienced many ways of life. But I was unprepared for the […]

A Scottish Christmas in Idaho

After moving from Scotland at age 3, I began my world culture immersion in Rhodesia (modern day Zimbabwe). Since then, I’ve lived in South Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Lesotho, Kenya, Canada, Haiti and the United States. However, when Christmastime arrives each year, I revert back to my Scottish roots.

I can attribute this mostly […]

Flying MAF’s King Air Across The Atlantic

In October, MAF shared about the need to replace both engines in a King Air Twin Turboprop. This week, MAF’s Jason Risser is going to embark on the challenge to bring the plane back to the U.S. for the engine replacement. And it won’t be easy.

Risser will be making his first trans-Atlantic flight with former […]

Holding Fast To God

Some missionaries will tell you that they felt God called them to Africa. But it was different for me. I was just three years old when my family moved from Scotland to Rhodesia, and my Scottish roots were only preserved through the influence of my family. For me, Africa was home.

So when God began preparing […]

Seven Tips for Passport Renewals

My job often takes me abroad, and I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to experience many countries and cultures. There is one aspect of travel, however, that can frustrate me to no end. And I’m not talking about security check points or flight delays, which can both be mild annoyances at times. No, I’m talking […]