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What’s in Your Parenting Toolbox?

As I walked him to the school bus, I gave him a little pep talk: “There’s nothing to be afraid of. Your teacher will help you. The other kids want to be your friends.” But it was of no use; as the school bus pulled up, my five-year-old son kicked and yelled and cried, writhing […]

Capacity Building in D.R. Congo

Alex Bahati Okuonzi was born in Nyankunde, D.R. Congo in 1988. After he finished his high school education he wanted to study technology. In 2007, he went to Kenya where he spent four months learning English (he also speaks French, Swahili, and Lingala), so he could study IT at a university there.

The cost of attending the school […]

Daniel’s Bottle Bucket Battle

What’s it like raising kids on the mission field? Find out from some of our mom bloggers on our new Monday feature, Moms on a Mission. You can look for more stories like the following, starting on Monday, February 6th.

Raising children in a developing nation is risky, albeit adventurous. I knew that before we came, […]