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Top 3 Ways to Support MAF on #GivingTuesday

#GivingTuesday is getting closer and closer! We know that you are undoubtedly lying awake each night thinking about how you can help MAF on this wonderful holiday. So to help you rest easier, we have compiled a list of our top three ways you can help MAF bring medical help to isolated places this Christmas […]

WDRC Appreciation Dinner

Last month, fellow MAF wife Lisa Lind and I invited all of our guards and their families to an appreciation dinner at my house. As we began to plan for the event, we counted up all the guards, the wives and the children, and realized there would be about 50 people coming for dinner!

I’ll have […]

Borneo Christmas Ministry Trip

Our team in Palangkaraya recently had a unique opportunity to minister at a Christmas party in a very isolated village in the heart of Borneo. Seven men made the trip––our two MAF pilots and all five of our Indonesian staff.

Each of the men participated in the Christmas presentation by preaching, sharing testimonies, praying […]

Focusing in on Christmas

What makes Christmas…Christmas? Since my first overseas Christmas eight years ago, I’ve wrestled with that question. In the past eight years, we’ve had eight very different but equally wonderful Christmases. There was the year we were in language school in Costa Rica and loved ones came to celebrate with us on the beach. There were […]

A Glimmer of Christmas Hope

Costume jewels were glued in an upward slope following her thick black eyelashes, framing kohl-rimmed smiling eyes. The jewels sprinkled her hair and were mirrored on her dress. I remembered the first time I met those eyes four years ago.

A veil hid her shape from head to toe and was lifted as she entered our […]

Christmas in Indonesia

Is it hard to envision Christmas in the tropics? It was for me when we first moved to Indonesia in 1998. I didn’t even bring a Christmas tree in our shipment. Maybe I thought we’d just use a banana tree! I learned, though, that Indonesian Christians LOVE to celebrate Christmas as much as we do […]