An Amazing Grace Kind of Day – Part 1

This is a special guest post from Sylvia Rogers, who has returned to Suriname with her husband Dan for a two-month assignment at the MAF affiliate program there. Dan is completing a 1,000-hr. inspection and installation of a new engine for NAV (November Alpha Victor).

It was 6:15 a.m.; time for coffee! After breakfast, Dan left for the hangar and I finished my Bible reading and prayer. I asked God to help me listen for Him this day.

Long-time World Team missionaries Roy and Margaret Lytle, 42-years in Suriname, were three days from moving back to the U.S. I had offered to take Margaret to her hair appointment that morning. And we would also meet up with Renia, the administrative assistant for MAF Suriname, to pick up a farewell gift for the Lytles on behalf of MAF. Margaret would be with us so she could choose items for both she and Roy.

Grace Goud & Zilver
Grace Goud & ZilverThere were many shops we could choose from, but for some reason, the name Grace came to mind. I had been in once or twice years ago, and I had no idea if the shop was still in business. But it seemed the right place to go.

So, the three of us met at Grace. Margaret, emotional over closing up their life in Suriname after 42 years, told us through her tears, she felt so humbled by the beautiful necklace and bracelet we picked for her. We conversed with the owner for some time, and then Margaret slipped out to visit another shop, hoping to reconnect with another friend before her departure.

As Renia finished paying for the gifts, I continued the conversation with the shop owner, Sharon. It was clear to me that she was distressed and wanted to talk about some very deep pain she was experiencing. That’s when God’s timing, leading and GRACE became more evident.

As I listened, she recalled one of our conversations six years ago, how I had shared with her about a difficult time in my life—when Dan was captured by rebels (1987), and how God, in His grace, had shown Himself to me. She reached underneath the counter …

To be continued


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