May 9 – 15, 2016

But there is a God in heaven who reveals mysteries.
—Daniel 2:28a


Priorities for Prayer

  • Monday, May 9

    Praise God that He reveals mysteries to His people. Nothing puzzles Him.

  • Tuesday, May 10

    Please pray for Michael and Angela Johnson as they serve their first term with MAF in Kalimantan, Indonesia. Mike maintains aircraft used to transport missionaries, national pastors, medical personnel, and supplies in support of various ministries. Along with the important role of raising their children, Angie enjoys interacting with the Indonesian community.

  • Wednesday, May 11

    Pray for future strategy planning of new airstrips and outreach in Tanzania. There is a lot of witchcraft, and people are afraid of medical services. MAF hopes to help to bring in nurses and evangelists to these remote villages.

  • Thursday, May 12

    Pray that MAF staff will be salt and light for those being mentored in Southeast Asia.

  • Friday, May 13

    Praise God that MAF is becoming known in South Africa. Thank Him for increased donations and willing volunteers.

  • Saturday, May 14

    Pray for stability in Senegal despite the threats and attack in the West Africa region.

  • Sunday, May 15

    MAF Singapore will be holding a Discovery Day about MAF in June. Pray for the preparations and development of creative strategies to reach Christian young adults.

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