June 8 – June 14, 2020

For the grace of God has appeared that offers
salvation to all people.
-Titus 2:11 (NIV)

Monday, June 8
Dear Lord Jesus, we marvel how You volunteered to pay for our salvation with Your life. You offer this unearnable gift to all people! Give us boldness to tell of this wonder to everyone.

Tuesday, June 9
Please pray for an expeditious renewal of MAF Indonesia’s Operating Certificate (OC), which is needed in order to fly any passengers or cargo in Papua or Kalimantan. Pray for a good relationship to continue between MAF and civil aviation officials.

Wednesday, June 10
Please pray for the MAF Uganda team members who have been extremely busy flying relief supplies to the Kasese area hardest hit by flooding. Photo by Charles Ed II Aguilar.

Thursday, June 11
Lift up Wally and Joan Wiley who serve in Papua, Indonesia. Wally’s roles have been many with MAF, but currently he is MAF Indonesia’s chief advisor for the educational needs and health-care concerns of the Papua people. Joan teaches Advanced Placement English to missionary kids. The Wileys are particularly blessed to have their adult children working in Papua with grandchildren nearby. Please pray for the new teachers and staff who are adjusting to life in Papua.

Friday, June 12
The COVID-19 pandemic has reduced the MAF Kalimantan team’s flying to medical evacuations and cargo. Even these types of flights are currently grounded until a new Operating Certificate is released by the Indonesian government. Please pray for villagers who are critically ill and cannot be flown to care by MAF at this time.

Saturday, June 13
Lift up Mark and Glee Williams, a pilot/mechanic family who served over 20 years in Haiti. Currently Mark represents MAF at colleges, churches, missions conferences, and airshows in the south central United States . He seeks to recruit pilots, mechanics, teachers, and technology professionals called by God to serve with MAF. Glee travels with Mark on occasion, using her missions experience to address concerns about schooling and raising children overseas.

Sunday, June 14
Pray that the Lord of the harvest will send out more long-term MAF staff families to fill voids in Asia and Africa.

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