Donor Spotlight: A Conversation with Fred

One man supports MAF through a unique giving opportunity

By: Chris Burgess.

Fred lives in Arizona and is a former Marine aviator who served multiple tours in Vietnam. He greatly supports the work of MAF and other Christian organizations. I had the pleasure of talking with Fred, and he shared why he chose to support MAF through charitable gift annuities (CGAs).

We are so thankful for Fred and the many people like him who are reaching isolated people with Christ’s love through MAF. MAF’s work would not be possible without the support of people like Fred.

MAF: Why do you support MAF?

Fred: I have two sons who, years ago, were both Journeyman missionaries with the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. One served in the Philippines and the other in Botswana and Zimbabwe. Both sons used MAF regularly. Whenever I visited them, I had the chance to observe MAF’s work. I am an aviator and have a love for aviation, so MAF really stood out to me. Later, when I was able to give, I wanted to support MAF because they were doing the Lord’s work around the world.

MAF: Why do you give through a CGA and not just cash donations?

Fred: When I started giving, I did not have a lot of money, but I wanted to support several organizations—12 at the time—just giving a little money to each. I thought, ‘This is okay, but I am not giving a lot.’ I prayed through the best way that I could steward my money and felt that if I cut down to a few organizations, it would make more of a difference. So I went from 12 to 4—MAF was one of them.

Someone at MAF mentioned a charitable gift annuity and that I could receive fixed payments for my gift, so I looked into that. I ended up setting up a CGA, and I give the money I receive from it back to MAF for another annuity at the end of each year. I consider myself a “pipe” or a “conduit.” I get the money from the annuity on one side and enjoy looking at it as it goes out the other side to MAF.

I’ve done this for 11 years, so over time my giving through CGAs has grown into a good sum through the miracle of compounding interest.

MAF: What would you tell others who are considering a CGA?

Fred: It is so satisfying to collect the money on one side and then give it on the other. I have loved supporting MAF and the other three organizations and watching my giving grow each year. Next year, because of the interest, I hope to be able to give $100,000 to MAF in exchange for another charitable gift annuity.

I love how MAF works and love being able to support this ministry in this way.


Are you considering a charitable gift annuity? It not only provides you with stable payments for the rest of your life, it contributes to MAF’s work of sharing the love of Jesus with isolated people around the world. Visit to request your free, no-obligation illustration showing you the increased benefits you can receive from a charitable gift annuity.

And now, if you make your gift by June 30, the gift annuity rates will be an estimated 0.3% to 0.5% higher than they will be beginning July 1.


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