January 8 – January 14, 2017

Thank you for being prayerfully involved in MAF!
~Linda Whiting

“Blessed be God,
Who has not turned away my prayer
Nor His lovingkindness from me.
Psalm 66: 20 (NASB)


    • Monday, Jan. 8

      “Thank You, LORD, for hearing our prayers, cleansing our hearts, and lavishing Your love on us. Help us to trust You. Help us to turn from evil.”

    • Tuesday, Jan. 9

      “Praise God for the recent meeting in Nabire, Papua, where MAF met with some church leaders to explain the new way of doing MAF operations in Indonesia.”

    • Wednesday, Jan. 10

      “Pray for MAF’s Latin America Affiliate, Alas de Soccorro (ADSE) of Ecuador, for unity between their pilots, mechanics, administrators, and leadership.”

    • Thursday, Jan. 11

      “Lift up John and Marilyn Gorenflo who served with MAF in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, as a pilot/IT family for seven years. Currently John travels to all field locations around the world, providing IT support and implementing a new scheduling system to help streamline operations. Marilyn is an MAF ministry partnership coach, helping MAF families prepare for the mission field and maintain their support teams.”

    • Friday, Jan. 12

      “Pray for all MAF staff who are in need of visas or government permits. May their road blocks be lifted and paperwork approved.”

    • Saturday, Jan. 13

      “Lift up Pete and Ashley Greenwald and their two sons as they serve in Papua, Indonesia, as a pilot/mechanic family. Pete provides transportation for those involved in missions, evangelism, Bible translation, and the national church.”

Sunday, Jan. 14

“Praise God for His provisions to MAF through generous year-end donations that allowed us to finish 2017 strong—meeting our goals for online and organizational giving!”

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  • What makes a model ministry? How can we be the church that God wants us to be? we have four strategies: learn the Word, live the life, love the body, and lead the world.

    We believe these four strategies are what God has called us to fulfill. We have come a long way in this endeavor but we still have even further to go. Interestingly, these strategies are addressed rather nicely . 1 Thess 2 :1-12 In this passage, we will learn from Paul and his coworkers how to work toward a model ministry. We will see that a model ministry is dependent upon each and every individual doing his or her part. Paul tells us that this can happen when we serve Christ with pure and parental hearts. In these verses, Paul says, “A little example can have a big influence.”

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