Jan 1 – Jan 7, 2017

May your 2018 be alive to God.
~Linda Whiting

“Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed. The LORD works out everything for his own ends. Proverbs 16: 3-4a”


    • Monday, Jan. 1

      “Welcome, 2018.
      We commit every detail of this new year into YOUR hands, dear LORD God. May Your purposes be completed in and through our lives.”

    • Tuesday, Jan. 2

      “Praise God for the Christmas celebration in the village of Kole, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). MAF delivered a Christmas tree (see photo) for the village’s festivities as they remembered Christ’s birth.”

    • Wednesday,Jan. 3

      “Praise God for the generosity of His people in supporting MAF. Pray for the donor services team, Vicky, Chantel, Joyce, Vickie, and Renae, who are working extra hard to process all the year-end donations.”

    • Thursday, Jan. 4

      Lift up Daniel and Joy Geaslen, a pilot/mechanic family serving with MAF in Papua, Indonesia. Pray for traveling mercies as they visit family in the USA over the holidays. Pray also for refreshment for them after a challenging year.”

    • Friday, Jan. 5

      “Jocelyn Frey reports, “We are excited to finally be in our new office at Ndolo airport (western DRC). This was a major project that took almost the entire year and we are so grateful to be able to settle in and work closer together as a united team to share Christ’s love in this context.” Praise God!”

    • Saturday, Jan. 6

      Lift up Craig and Ruth Goodman and their daughter, Julianne. Craig is a maintenance specialist and works as the Turbine Engine Coordinator. Craig shares, “Even though I sometimes miss being in Indonesia, from headquarters I can have an even broader influence on the operations and safety of our turbine aircraft fleet.”

Sunday, Jan. 7

“Pray for the MAF kids who are traveling after the holidays and settling back into their studies.”

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