February 27 – March 5, 2017

Whoever pursues justice and treats others with kindness, discovers true life
marked by integrity and respect.

— Proverbs 21:21 (VOICE)


Priorities for Prayer

  • Monday, February 27

    Pray that MAF leadership, staff around the world, and our families, will pursue justice and always act with loving kindness towards others. Praise God that this allows us to discover a life marked by integrity and honor.

  • Tuesday, February 28

    Thank God for MAF donors who give from a generous heart and who pray faithfully.

  • Wednesday, March 1

    Pray for wisdom and discernment as new MAF missionaries navigate some of the cultural differences that exist between nationals and expats (those working outside their country of birth).

  • Thursday, March 2

    Lift up Fred and Desi Schmidt who have served with MAF since 1984. The Schmidts began their career as a pilot/mechanic family in Africa, and now Fred holds a vital role in the purchasing/shipping department, which serves MAF worldwide. Desi is an educational coach of children with learning disabilities.

  • Friday, March 3

    Pray for rain in Kenya as the country is experiencing a drought. Pray for the MAF Kenya team as they work with partners who are hoping to respond to the situation.

  • Saturday, March 4

    Lift up Tyler and Renae Schmidt as they serve Christ in Kalimantan, Indonesia, as a pilot/mechanic family. (Tyler is Fred and Desi Schmidt’s son—see March 2.) Pray for endurance and creativity for Renae in homeschooling and taking care of their kids at home. Pray also for an MAF school teacher for the Tarakan team for the upcoming school year. (The current teacher had to suddenly leave due to a family emergency.)

  • Sunday, March 5

    Pray that more people in Singapore will learn about MAF ministry and develop a compassionate burden for remote and isolated people.

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