Winter Retreat

Guest post by Jonathan. He and his wife, Amy, are based at headquarters as part of MAF’s Member Care team. They focus specifically on ministering to and discipling MAF teens. 


Jonathan (far left side) and Amy (front and center) pose quickly for a group photo with MAF MKs in McCall, Idaho.


Five feet of snow, subzero temps, about a dozen teenage MAF MKs (missionary kids) and a good plan. What more could you need for a successful winter retreat?

Our well-planned theme this year was, “What to do when God does the unexpected.”

Of course, we didn’t expect everything to go according to plan. But in hindsight, with a theme like that, we should have anticipated some unexpectedness.

The most unexpected thing was getting a flat tire, up on a mountain road, out of cell coverage, in the snow, only a short time from dark. And did I mention that it was cold?

No big deal. I’ve changed lots of flat tires. The problem with changing a tire is that you need a good tire to replace the bad one with … and the spare tire was also flat!

While I lay on the snow-covered ground, trying to figure out how to fill a tire with my lungs, a total stranger pulled up and asked if we needed help. (I guess a bunch of teens huddled in a group stands out).

After I explained our predicament, the man said, “Your tires look about the same size as mine. Why don’t you use my spare and just put it on my front porch when you get back to Boise?”

So what do you do when the unexpected happens? Have faith. The solution probably won’t be the one you think it will be. But God’s character, and His goodness in the way He takes care of His children, is something that can be counted on… always.

Which is neat, because it would have been in a long walk back in the cold.






  • Mary says:

    Thanks for all you do for these young people. I see my granddaughter in the group. She shared with us what a wonderful time she had there. Blessings to you all.

  • Julie White says:

    Abby didn’t even mention this mishap. She obviously enjoyed the weekend. Thank u for all u do for our MKs – u and Amy are huge blessing!

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