Aug 24 – Aug 30, 2020

May the Lord direct your hearts into God’s love
and Christ’s perseverance.
-2 Thessalonians 3:5 (NIV)

Monday, August 24
Father God, please lead our hearts into Your amazing love and Christ’s steadfast endurance. Please direct the hearts of our communities into Your deep love as well. We long for more of You.

Tuesday, August 25
Please pray that God will open the right doors for MAF families to return to their countries of service.

Wednesday, August 26
MAF’s staff in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (EDRC) continue to minister to internally displaced people (IDP) in camps with over 15,000 refugees. Pray specifically that the team will be used by God through their conversations, acts of kindness, counseling, and sewing classes. Photo by Ashley Petersen.

Thursday, August 27
Lift up Tim and Mallory Brooks, an aircraft mechanic family preparing to serve in Papua, Indonesia. Pray that as they learn the Indonesian language they will have opportunities to practice with the locals, which is more difficult in the midst of COVID-19 restrictions in Salatiga, Java, Indonesia.

Friday, August 28
Praise God that despite the changes COVID-19 has brought to MAF operations around the world, MAF US and MAF Canada are able to reach their revised fundraising targets. Praise God for His provision during these uncertain times!

Saturday, August 29
Lift up Mike and Christy Brown, MAF missionaries serving in Sentani, Papua, Indonesia. Mike is the assistant program manager for MAF Papua, which means he oversees the flight, maintenance, and finance operations as well as flying and maintaining airplanes there. Pray for God’s wisdom and grace for the Browns as they lead the MAF team during this complex season of COVID-19 restrictions.

Sunday, August 30
COVID-19 has taken its toll on Nepal-both economic and health-wise-as well as a stronger monsoon season with devastating landslides. Pray that the small MAF team in Nepal will continue to facilitate hope and help reaching the isolated villages of this mountainous country. Photo by Mark and Kelly Hewes.

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