They That Wait

Wait for the LORD; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the LORD!” Psalm 27:14

African Children Orphaned By Aids

Source: USAID

I don’t know about you, but generally speaking, waiting is one of my least favorite activities. Why?

Perhaps it is due to being raised in a time-oriented culture of microwaves, fast food, fast cars, fast coffee, and lightning-fast internet. Maybe it is because it often “feels” like wasted time. Or, perhaps it is the feeling of helplessness… the realization that there really isn’t anything we can do about our current circumstance to make it go any faster.

I find myself currently in a season of waiting… this time for a daughter. As of August 2014, I’ve been approved to adopt a local orphan in Lesotho and I’m overjoyed! But since then, I’ve been waiting. It is worth mentioning that the conservative estimation of orphans in Lesotho is 350,000, according to USAID, and of those, 180,000 of them are orphaned due to HIV.

I find myself heartbroken and overwhelmed considering the sheer numbers of children that aren’t in families. God created families to give us a picture of our relationship with Him. Family was His idea. I plead with the Lord to send a little girl my way, to be able to have a family of my own, and thus far His answer has been, wait.

Wait, and search the scriptures for others who waited, so I did.

There are a myriad of examples of God asking His children to wait; in fact, waiting is mentioned in the Bible over 150 times. You know what I learned? Every covenant God made came at the end of a season of waiting. So why resist it?

Simply put, I’m stubborn. Would you pray with me during this current season of waiting? Pray that I’ll rest in His hands, sit at His feet, and trust in His goodness. I would be so grateful.

Has God asked you to wait? Can I pray for you?


  • James M Hoyt says:

    You have a very interesting request. Got caught with your situation since we have a grandson in Lesotho working with the shepherds under Aim. Know of a missionary friend who adopted to little girls and now of them just got married. I am sure a child would be help to you and God would bless.

  • Ryno says:

    Dear missionary Lady

    Your story has touched my heart deeply. I can associated so well with you. Please allow me to share with you my story.

    My parents are also missionaries, and as a result of many of the trails and challenges they faced I never had the opertunity to reach high school. From middel teen years I had to labour physically hard with my dad to bring in an extra income. These two factors of having an incomplete school education and a lack of financial support, my dream wavered away into the ocean of impossibility. This dream was awakend in me at the age of 7. It was when I saw an airplane flying overhead for the first time. Ever since I can remember my dreams was filled with aviation. I found myself in flying houses al the way upto something similar to a hot air balloon.

    The love and passion for flying grew as the years went by and there developed many questions in my mind regarding aeronautics. And I finally got my answers to my questions: “How does it stay up there etc.?” When my dad bought me “flight Unlimited” a very old flight simulator when I was 13. This made my comprehension of flight grow even more.

    The years went on and I placed this dream, my heart, on the shelf of “things above my reach”. Our Lord graciously and strongly spoke to my heart when I was 18 at a December holiness conference in South Africa, and I became aware that God is calling me to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ crucified. The following year I started with a two year theology deploma. Ever since I have completed my studies in 2009 I have longed and even cried before God to make a runway for me to serve him as a pilot.

    Much has happened in the meantime and I have had the opportunity to receive training from three mission organisations, Africa Evagelistic Band (AEB), Kwasizabantu (KSB), and at present Frontline Fellowship.

    My heart hurts when I say this, but I am still not a pilot… I am still waiting… in my heart I am not angry at God, I am a servant and can only follow my Masters directions. But I can assure you Miss. Missionary Lady, the day that the God gives me clearance for take off I will be in the air long befor Vector 1. In other words I will grab it with both hands, imidiatly. My Dad bought me a radio controlled airplane for my 21st, and I had no one to teach me how to fly it. I only had a very basic simulator that only had a bottom wing aerobatic airplane, and mine is a wilga 2000 topwing. The dinamics and power to wight ratios differ greatly. But by Gods grace, and I believe because He fearfully knitted me together as a pilot, I flew that little plane. And many a time I imagined myself being a MAF pilot as flew that little plane. I always enjoyed flying it in gusty wind and landing it on a gravel runway where the crop dusters usely land in that area. Lol…

    I will keep you in prayer as I know the numbness waiting can leave you with. I also love children and are regularly heart broken when I see them suffer here in Malawi. God alone knows, maybe I will serve with MAF someday :-D. As our Lord Jesus reminds you please pray for me to.

    Greetings from the Lord’s servant Romeo Yanky November Oscar

    For the fulfilment of the great commission!

  • susan says:

    Thank you for sharing your desire to have a family, prayer request for a child and the struggle of waiting on the lord for outcome. In my experience, God’s always on time. His guiding hand and protection are always evident during the waiting period. He compassionately empowers us to reliquish our will for his. We learn to depend on him and he prepares us to help other people with similar struggles. Keep your spiritual eyes and ears open to what God wants you to learn. May the lord answer you overwhelmingly.

  • Tracey Wozniak says:

    Hi Kimberly. We, too, are in a season of waiting. When anxiousness knocks on the door of my heart I am practicing patience by whispering,
    “I trust you Jesus.”
    “In Your time.”
    “In Your place.”
    “At Your pace.”
    I am desperately longing for my heart to line up with Truth, to remember He has flawless execution of minutes, He knows exactly where I am, where we are going, and He is showing me how to number my days by being purposeful and productive in the waiting.
    I will pray for you too the next time I heave a deep sigh of cleansing breath reminding me to wait well. Probably in the next minute or so! ☺️

  • Jen says:

    My husband and I have been in the adoption process since 2012. We have had two failed infant adoptions where the birth mom has changed her mind each time within the last 2.5 months.

    We are waiting. And it is so hard some days. It’s good to know we are not alone in the waiting.

    Praying for God’s best for you.

  • Edrick Narvaez says:

    Please pray that the Lord show me in what ministry I might be. At the time i’m a private investigator and have a stable job but I was offered and opportunity to work as an undercover cop here in Puerto Rico. I’m married and my wife is expecting. The undercover cop job is a job that I wanted since a teenager and now that the opportunity shows, its kind of dangerous since I have a family. But the desire to fulfill that dream is so presenr in me. I also know that the Lord has shown me His protection over me and He has supply me with every basic need. I need prayer for clarification and I also want to serve in a ministry in my church or in a Christian organization somewhere.

  • Joetta says:

    Praying and waiting with you Kimberly!

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