Floatplane Perspectives

MAF Pilot Sean Cannon 01I met our other airplane coincidentally at an interior location a few weeks ago. It’s always fun to see our other plane interior during the course of a day, each of us flying our own and very different route. Note all of the wood in the river. Heavy rains do a good job of washing the dry season’s accumulated junk from the edge of the river right into the middle of the river. It can make landing challenging.

MAF Pilot Sean Cannon 02While taking a Swedish group from the World Wildlife Federation (WWF) to a remote area of Borneo, I once again got the privilege of flying over a previously unknown area to me. The terrain was beautiful and the rain stayed at my six the whole time. I love being able to watch the rain while I’m flying; it always gives such a unique perspective.

MAF Pilot Sean Cannon 03 A few weeks ago I was the on-call pilot and got a request to pick up a woman having trouble in child birth, about an hour from PalangkaRaya. While waiting for the passengers to arrive at the airplane, I sat through a large rain shower and then noticed the town’s big bridge appear in my wing mirror. Flying float planes takes me to large “easy” rivers all the way down to VERY small more challenging rivers.

MAF Pilot Sean Cannon 04One of the places we went to for my advanced checkout was called Jujang Parit. This location was challenging but a LOT of fun. We are glad to have re-opened this water strip because a pastor and his family serve there. The place is one of the most isolated we serve and its surrounding mountains and hills are beautiful! Wish you could see it!

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