Blessed to be a Blessing

Story by Heather Marx, an MAF missionary serving at MAF’s Nabire base in Papua, Indonesia. Here, she captures some of the recent ways she and her pilot husband have been blessed by and show care for those they serve.


Heather Marx, right, with Maggie and two of her kids in Otodemo. (The airplane, PK-MAG, is also affectionately known as “Maggie.”)

My sweet friend, Maggie, lives in the jungle among the Fayu people. Her family relies on the MAF floatplane for medicine and food. After months in the tribe, it was time to resupply. Greg flew four hours from MAF’s Merauke base on the South coast so he could make the 30-minute supply run. I prepared a package of fresh English muffins, candy for the kids, and a note of encouragement to send. I was delighted when Greg said, “Actually, there’s an extra seat! Would you like to deliver the package yourself?” Otodemo is one of our more challenging water strips. I gripped my seat as Greg weaved between the trees and touched down on one float in the river bend. Amazing! We are blessed to be a blessing. It is fun to find creative ways to care for and encourage the missionaries we serve.

Our Nabire patio is serving Bible translation work and strengthening the church. Here, Seth meets with Barnabas and Klaus, his Fayu language helpers. Seth is with one organization. Iwan and Maggie are with another. Seth sometimes travels to Otodemo with Iwan and Maggie. Both are focused on the same people group. Pray for the gospel to take root, for the Church to be established. Last month Seth launched a tour of villages, recruiting Fayu helpers for the next Bible story set.

Sunday school kids singing in Bugalaga.

Significant unrest in the Wolani valley has meant no air service of any kind. Troublemakers have moved on and things are returning to normal. The Sunday school kids in Bugalaga sang these words of Thanksgiving when Brian landed: “Yesus adalah penolong kita, dia setia… Sebab itu mari kita memuji dia.”(Jesus is our help. He is faithful. So, let us praise Him!) It is the first time any plane has landed there in six months!

Progress on a new sanctuary in Kegata.

Kegata village received a monetary blessing from the government. They are using it to build a new sanctuary! Brian has made 20 flights so far with plywood, roofing, tile, cement, and nails. Builders went in several weeks ago. The head pastor was away on an evangelism trip, going from village to village. He finally came by road to Nabire and Brian flew him back to Kegata the next day. Boy, was he excited to see progress on the new building.



I hope you’ve enjoyed these firsthand accounts of how the Marx family is able to bless others in Papua. Please pray for them as well as for Maggie and her family in Otodemo, Seth, Barnabas, and Klaus and the Fayu translation work.


  • Judy says:

    Bless each of you for being God’s hands and feet bringing the Way, the Truth, and the Life to these remote people groups. Their genuine faith is so inspiring.

  • Anna Schrock says:

    Praying about supporting MAF…

  • Elaine Kathy Marler says:

    Prayers for the many missionaries who serve with MAF.Our church in Chico,Calif supports the Driscoll’s in Indonesia. God is awesome and we will praise His name!!

  • Dorothy Gibbs says:

    Wonderful! Fun! Inspiring! My prayers continue, including the Mugges.

  • John Burke says:

    Thanks for sharing this story. My former church supports a MAF pilot in Mozambique.
    John B.

  • Miriam says:

    Please keep me on the Marx mailing list. Thanks

  • Richard ZHardy says:

    Thank you for your faithful service to these precious people. May God richly bless the work of your hands as you share the Hope of Eternity.

  • Elinor Young says:

    Loved this. I could picture it all. It warms my heart to read that the care and engagement I felt there from MAF is still the case.

    • Gavin Gandari says:

      How awesome God is . touching hearts of those pilots going to those places and serving the Life of people in the big juncle and remote villages .May God continue reaching out to them.

  • Patti Robertson says:

    God is working all around the world! Thank you for sharing this story.

  • Aunt Muriel says:

    Heather, my niece, and Brian, are devoted to the Lord, and their “people.” Hearing and seeing what they do helps me pray.

  • kathy Vandenberg says:

    Thank You Patti R. for sharing, it’s incredible to see boots on the ground thru MAF air fellowship!
    May our Precious Lord Jesus continue to bless this ministry!
    in Jesus Name! love Kathy V.

  • Kathy Love says:

    So good to read all this..I remember all of the scarey landings Jon used to make in the Jungles of I see it here..We do not begin to understand the life these missionaries live to spread the Word of God..and the gift of candies and muffins almost brought tears..God bless you all for what you are doing..I can’t send money but I can sure pray for you..

  • Jeff Levy says:

    Y’all are living the dream! I’d love to be a bush pilot for MAF. Keep doing God’s work and we’ll keep supporting you financially.

  • Bob Rice says:

    Good to hear of God’s blessing.
    We are familiar with papua, Irian Jaya, we were missionaries there for 10 years.
    Wally lived with us for 6 months when he first came to Sentani
    Bob & Celia Rice

  • C. Kay Whitlow says:

    I so enjoyed this story, Heather. I love knowing about all the good work of ministry and adventure of MAF.

  • Bill and Betty Whitehead says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this account of how Our God is working in even the most remote regions of the world! It blessed our hearts and encouraged us in our faithfulness. You are in our prayers. May the LORD continue to bless, protect and guide you! With our prayers and love, in Christ,
    Bill & Betty Whitehead
    Proverbs 3: 5&6

  • Sally Armstrong says:

    Thank for describing the real daily life of MAF families where ever they serve. Praying for continued peace in your area and also the resources needed for churches, salaries, etc.

  • Ruth Freeman Sapien says:

    Loved the photos … thank you Heather for sharing.

  • Harry Engstrom says:

    Love and appreciate the work of MAF! Ever since I was a young boy this work has been special to me..continue to bless others in Jesus name!!

  • Daniel Futrell says:

    Praying daily for MAF and new missionaries in Indonesia particularly.

  • Steve Molnar says:

    I Pray for MAF and other Christian aviation ministries nightly. God is using them in amazing ways. Thank God for airplanes and the ministries they support.

  • Ronnie Boles says:

    Great story Heather! Thank you for you and your family’s faithfulness!

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