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Significant Life Events

Lately, the MAF Cessna Caravan 9Q-CMO has sensed that her flights encompass the full cycle of life—from beginning to end. Two recent flights serve as examples of this.

MAF pilot Kevin Spann recently received his “checkout” in the Caravan, which means he can now fly the airplane solo and land at any number of airstrips throughout […]

A Family Legacy

A few hundred people waited at the dirt and grass airstrip at Ipope in western Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). They crowd had walked 45 minutes from their village, Mbongo, knowing that some special passengers would be arriving on MAF’s Cessna Caravan 9Q-CMO.

The singing started before CMO’s engines shut down. Then the passengers disembarked:  […]

Hospital Rehabilitation

The Cessna Caravan 9Q-CMO arrived at a remote village in western Democratic Republic of the Congo to much fanfare: music, singing, and a greeting by a large delegation. On the plane was a group heading to Wembo-Nyama to visit the Methodist mission hospital.

Among the group was Paul Law, MD, an American doctor who was returning […]