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Technology Helps

I recently went with my husband, Dave, to MAF’s Africa Region IT (information technology) conference in Kampala, Uganda. Situated on Lake Victoria, we were able to enjoy God’s creation while tinkering with technology.

Famous Crowned Crane of Uganda.

Though labeled an Africa Region conference, there were also folks from the United States, Europe, Indonesia, and […]

“Go and Do Likewise”

WARNING: The content in this story may be inappropriate for children and/or disturbing to others.

She was only ten—just a young girl. But already she had experienced more than a lifetime’s worth of indescribable abuse and horrors. The man, who had repeatedly victimized her over several months, told her he’d kill her if she said a […]

Update from Bunia, East DRC

The latest update from the Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) team working in the northeastern region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) shows an area still beset with uncertainty as well as sporadic violence in the outlying areas. MAF program manager Jon Cadd reports that most NGOs that evacuated in November have now returned. 

In […]

MAF Remains on Standby to Evacuate Relief and Mission Workers from Eastern DRC

Bunia, Democratic Republic of the Congo—As violence once again shakes the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mission Aviation Fellow (MAF) pilots and planes are on standby to evacuate relief and mission workers who request assistance.

On Wednesday, Nov. 21, MAF families were evacuated from the town of Bunia, where MAF has a […]