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Inside-Out Holds Up

It’s a small personal victory, hoisting the windsock pole over Matekane’s western end with a new windsock proudly unfolding into the brisk winter wind. The windsock pole weighs a ton! Something like my own personal Mount Suribachi for this former Marine turned missionary pilot. Replacing windsocks regularly keeps us safe though, despite the mission to […]

Visiting MAF in Lesotho

As a print shop coordinator at MAF headquarters, Atalie Snyder recently spent a week as a volunteer babysitter watching MAF children while the parents attended an MAF Africa Managers’ conference in Cape Town, South Africa. Afterwards she spent time at the Lesotho program and got a firsthand look at the work of MAF. Atalie shares […]

A Long Way from Jerusalem

How MAF, the Lesotho Flying Pastors, and you are sharing the Gospel in the mountains of Lesotho

Matthew Monson, a pilot with Mission Aviation Fellowship, and his passengers stepped out of the Cessna 206 after landing near the village of Kuebunyane, Lesotho. They followed a windy dirt path across small streams and past a few huts […]