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The Disaster Response Team

Flight Follow | Season 2: Episode 2


In this episode, we talk with John Woodberry & Rick Emenaker, members of MAF’s Disaster Response (DR) Team, about how MAF is able to quickly and efficiently respond to a natural disaster or crisis—and be the hands and feet of Jesus to comfort those who are suffering.  We also […]

Peace in the Going

Note: Rebecca and her family will be moving this summer after 14 years in Indonesia.   


We’re going now. This is goodbye. Or, in Indonesian, if we’re the ones going, we say to you, “Selamat tinggal. Peace as you stay.” And then you, the ones staying, tell us, “Selamat jalan. Peace as you go.”

Indonesia, you’ve given each […]

Ministry Spotlight – Dennis and Rose Bergstrazer      


Dennis and Rose Bergstrazer have been with MAF for 32 years—the last 14 of which have been at the MAF base in Timika, Papua, Indonesia. Currently, they are the only MAF family there—and the only missionaries in town!

“When we first opened the base [in 2003], we were also the only Westerners, so we […]

MAF Aceh Team Responds to Mudslide in Kutacane

MAF is providing flights for aid workers after a mudslide buried homes and extensively damaged villages in the Kutacane region of Indonesia, on the island of Sumatra. Photo Courtesy of Team Aceh Tenggara.

KUTACANE, Indonesia — A massive mudslide occurred on Wednesday, April 12, at 6:00 a.m. in the district of Kutacane on the […]

Listen, Smile, Pray, Fly

This is a story by our MAF-UK counterparts about one of our sister programs operating in Mongolia.

In this remote corner of Mongolia, specialist medical care rarely comes. What a difference a plane makes!

The sun is just coming up in Bulgan Sum, a remote town in western Mongolia.

A crowd of men, women and children cram into […]

Making a Difference

Last week our family went to a village interior. I walked with my friend Esther to her “palace,” a large wooden building where she watches up to 100 kids every morning. The parents of these kids are students at the Bible school where Esther’s husband teaches.

The scene was chaotic—toys, puzzles, and books scattered every which […]