Celebrating 75 Years!

Did you know that 2020 marks MAF’s 75th anniversary? This year we’re going to be looking back, at God’s faithfulness, and looking forward in anticipation of how he’ll use this ministry in the years to come.

David Holsten, MAF’s President and CEO, sums it up nicely in this video. We hope you’ll be blessed by his message, and let it remind you of your part in this ministry. After all, none if it would be possible without the partnership of people like you. We are so grateful.


  • Albert and Barbara Nordquist says:

    We have been associated with MAF for about 40 years and are now able to attend chapels. It is a blessing that MAF remains faithful to serving the Lord.

  • Tina Peters says:

    I celebrate 75 years with you. When I heard about MAF many years ago I began supporting you as best I could.
    When MAF was 25 I received a plaque from you Commemorating 25 years.
    Point of interest I was born in 1945, so I will be 75 in 2020!

  • Steven R. Russell says:

    A very interesting and most excellent piece here by MAF President & CEO David Holstein.

    God has led me to begin helping to support Jonathan & Cindee Raney in Indonesia prayerfully and financially as I am able.

    I’ll be saving this video and message in my Important Papers Folder. Blessings! Steven R. Russell Lead King! United States Of America.

  • richard buker says:

    Thank u for that video helps me know what I’m putting in this ministry acutely glorifies God

  • During my first year at Moody Aviation (1957) I first learned of MAF from Charlie Mellis at MBI’s mission conference. He instilled a deep sense of fellowship; all sharing together the burdens and blessings of being “a servant to missions”. 75 years has shown repeatedly God’s hand of direction and provision, through often hard experiences and dark days. May the Spirit’s light and lamp continue to guide, always as a Servant in God’s Kingdom enterprise worldwide.

  • We have been related to the work of MAF for the entire 75 years while is was still in the Air Force in 1945 in the days if Betty Greene and those who worked with her. Our service for the Lord was mostly in Beirut, Lebanon, at the Arab Baptist Seminary from 1960 to 1989 but we kept in touch with and prayed for the work of MAF all those years and up to today! It has been a joy to watch God’s work grow through you all these years. We praise the Lord with you.

  • Ron Maines says:

    Carole and I were donors and attended Tuesday night prayer meetings at MAF Fullerton in 1970 as a Marine Aviator military couple, following my tour in Vietnam. The Founders, Charlie Mellis, Jim Truxton and Grady Parrot were all still in the organization and cast a compelling and inspiring vision that we all caught.

    In time, Bob Lehnhart asked us to consider and pray about joining MAF and the opportunity to serve stretched over the next 16 years in MAF Indonesia and MAF Fullerton/Redlands and in leading Redlands Aviation Corporation.

    We were trained and mentored by MAF’s Finest in “providing mobility to the Church Worldwide through aviation transportation and communication.”

    David, thank you for your thoughtful words about a significant task yet to be done.

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